First week of November

This week was the first week dedicated specifically to post production. It was of great benefit to go over all of our current assets and discuss the future goals for the class. There will be a locational edit this week to be shared with the class’s different departments. Within the week I created a SFX option edit, all with previously shot assets. This edit will be used to create a visual effects example with some of the footage we have been shooting for the film Columbus locations piece. The hope is work in a professional work flow to accomplish polished visual effects animation of live action video. The audio for the locational piece has been worked on and is now ready to create a final timeline with. That means is to have a first pass at a final edit timeline within the upcoming week. Once we have the final edit first pass the animators can start looking at more than the opening shot. This will allow more work to get done quicker once the shots are separated to all the motion graphic animators. All and all this week worked great for planning, and I am looking forward to next week working great for acting on those perpetrations.


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