The Push to Graphics

This week has been one spent in a fluorescent lite room editing and categorizing our shots. We spent the first half of the week working on our first pass edit of the locational edit. I supervised the edit when I could but I was often pulled away for some positive conversation with the graphics team. These talks were in regards to the Design of text and motion graphics as well as the template layout to create a speedy graphic post work end. Also a lot of great progression has been worked out in the way of the Special effects portion of the film Columbus promotional content. We have gotten an edit and color correction made for the small sic-fi version and are beginning to comp meteorites and fire into this edit, in hopes of creating dystopian view of Columbus.IMG_2945.JPG

By Wednesday we had a rough edit of the locational piece, with still a long way to go with the audio and visuals, but we have the start. The editors and I meet extensively to talk about the edit and changes for the final that are primary, secondary and how certain parts should be feeling and changing to other parts. Audio was also discussed and tweeted to help the visuals pacing and creating a sense of beginning, middle and end. We are going to be editing throughout the entire weekend, with plans of having a new full edition of the edit with revised audio by Monday. So by the end of next week we should have a pass of the edit with more final audio and graphics incorporated.


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