Is it Done?

Is it? Maybe not, but a lot did get completed. We finished a great promotional and behind the scenes piece. We had a dazzling ambitious VFX edit. Finally we finished an edit of the locations piece but I think everyone can agree that no one is quiet satisfied with the graphics. The most turmoil of the project possibly came from this source. By time we arrived to the graphic portion of the project we only had one 2D animator still in the class. This is not what we hoped for nor what we had planned for, which created a lot of compromises and rush decisions on the direction of the graphics. I do believe the direction of the piece is sound throughout the picture capture, however I felt my proposed vision was not fulfilled in the post end of this project. This is not to blame anyone but myself, as the director I should have fought harder to keep the animation students happy, busy and in the class. This may have let us to fulfill the idea that got this project moving forward.

At the very least this was an astonishing leaning experience for me as a director and as a human being surviving and working with other human beings. There were many trails, learning curves, mistakes and double takes, but I am willing to argue that the good weighed out the bad by the end of the project and class.


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