Primary Shooting

The middle of March started my primary shooting plan, it continues until Easter weekend in April. This production plan is very laborious and busy in the first week of the plan then the shooting days becomes much more manageable and short. The first week included the shooting of four different scenes with a cast of six actors. The shoots included studio shoots, a shoot in the Book loft, a nighttime alleyway shoot, exterior of warehouses and other older elements around Columbus.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 2.29.58 PM.png



The majority of the shoots did run behind schedule, however all the necessary assets for the scenes were acquired on all shoot days so far. Fourteen pages of the script have been covered, with only two scenes still needed. The hope is to finish one of those scenes on this week and the second and last needed scene on the following week.


Final Art Department

In preparation for a full week of shooting I have wrapped up my entire art department needs for my period piece film. I have printed off a dozen Billy Jones posters from 1932. These posters were made to inspire the working class not to fall into depression, by making it up to their work ethic, not the economic reasons.


I also had to create some content, such as wanted posters for my main characters. I created multiple renditions of the poster so and the director I will have options to choose from once on set. The edition I will have a close up on screen for is the attached wanted poster below.


Preproduction Push

Zeroing in on the specific shooting days is becoming more daunting as I gather assets, while still looking for others. I have gotten my wardrobe, props and other production design elements together without getting all my needed actors. This is creating the looming doom feeling, that I won’t be able to a line all the assets in time. I just have to continue looking.

A positive furthering in the last week has been exclusively to the script and overall story that will be shown. This is gone through much iteration for numerous different reasons. The hope is that the final script has been decided so the production phase can begin. These script revisions have changed the scope of the film and have created new problems in the production plans. The script’s state is irrelevant if I am not able to find committed actors soon.

Outside Camera tests were also completed with the character of Benny as the subject. I shot the subject in numerous outside locations around Columbus I am thinking of shooting in. These tests have given me insight on the problems certain locations may have and the lighting I will need for the outside scenes. I would also like to run an nighttime outside camera test, to discover the possible lighting that could be used for night time shooting.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.38.44 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.39.50 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-02 at 2.38.18 PM.png


Is it Done?

Is it? Maybe not, but a lot did get completed. We finished a great promotional and behind the scenes piece. We had a dazzling ambitious VFX edit. Finally we finished an edit of the locations piece but I think everyone can agree that no one is quiet satisfied with the graphics. The most turmoil of the project possibly came from this source. By time we arrived to the graphic portion of the project we only had one 2D animator still in the class. This is not what we hoped for nor what we had planned for, which created a lot of compromises and rush decisions on the direction of the graphics. I do believe the direction of the piece is sound throughout the picture capture, however I felt my proposed vision was not fulfilled in the post end of this project. This is not to blame anyone but myself, as the director I should have fought harder to keep the animation students happy, busy and in the class. This may have let us to fulfill the idea that got this project moving forward.

At the very least this was an astonishing leaning experience for me as a director and as a human being surviving and working with other human beings. There were many trails, learning curves, mistakes and double takes, but I am willing to argue that the good weighed out the bad by the end of the project and class.

Graphics come in… How?

The last couple weeks of work including thanksgiving break has been an interesting collaborating experience. I experienced sickness physically and confusion mentally through it all, never the less, the positive prevails which is we’re seemingly together once again. We have an agreeable edit and an understanding of the intended use of the graphics and what information they will tell.

Looking forward, there be more of what was going on at the end of this week’s class, all next week. Almost the entire class, including myself, will be using after effects for the next week to place the graphics for he individual shots. I believe once everyone has the template the rest will go smoothly.

The Push to Graphics

This week has been one spent in a fluorescent lite room editing and categorizing our shots. We spent the first half of the week working on our first pass edit of the locational edit. I supervised the edit when I could but I was often pulled away for some positive conversation with the graphics team. These talks were in regards to the Design of text and motion graphics as well as the template layout to create a speedy graphic post work end. Also a lot of great progression has been worked out in the way of the Special effects portion of the film Columbus promotional content. We have gotten an edit and color correction made for the small sic-fi version and are beginning to comp meteorites and fire into this edit, in hopes of creating dystopian view of Columbus.IMG_2945.JPG

By Wednesday we had a rough edit of the locational piece, with still a long way to go with the audio and visuals, but we have the start. The editors and I meet extensively to talk about the edit and changes for the final that are primary, secondary and how certain parts should be feeling and changing to other parts. Audio was also discussed and tweeted to help the visuals pacing and creating a sense of beginning, middle and end. We are going to be editing throughout the entire weekend, with plans of having a new full edition of the edit with revised audio by Monday. So by the end of next week we should have a pass of the edit with more final audio and graphics incorporated.

First week of November

This week was the first week dedicated specifically to post production. It was of great benefit to go over all of our current assets and discuss the future goals for the class. There will be a locational edit this week to be shared with the class’s different departments. Within the week I created a SFX option edit, all with previously shot assets. This edit will be used to create a visual effects example with some of the footage we have been shooting for the film Columbus locations piece. The hope is work in a professional work flow to accomplish polished visual effects animation of live action video. The audio for the locational piece has been worked on and is now ready to create a final timeline with. That means is to have a first pass at a final edit timeline within the upcoming week. Once we have the final edit first pass the animators can start looking at more than the opening shot. This will allow more work to get done quicker once the shots are separated to all the motion graphic animators. All and all this week worked great for planning, and I am looking forward to next week working great for acting on those perpetrations.