Darby Creek Farms and furthering production conversation.

On Monday morning we had a 6am call time to Kinney hall, for a full Darby creek farms shoot during class. We arrived at the farm at nearly perfect timing with the sunrise. We shot the sun rising behind a classic barn facade. Here is a photo of the interior of that very barn.IMG_2223.JPG

However the most unique shots of the day starred the multiple Bison’s that call Darby creek farm home. The whole crew enjoyed seeing them and they were camera ready. The staff at Darby creek farms was extremely helpful and even feed the Bison’s in front of us and our camera. I think this shoot was extremely successful and can see multiple of the shots we got that day in the final edit.IMG_2224.JPG

On Wednesday, we had a in class discussion bout the direction of the project and future pipeline and goals. We have realized a couple clear errors with editing dailies and dumping files. More than  anything else we need to get better at always getting the files dumped directly after the shoots we get them on.


October 9th and 10th

October 9th,

We meet in the afternoon to go to the Lancaster fair grounds. By 4 o’clock we had all of who were coming out on location and ready to shoot. We captured some footage on ground level of the fair festivities and patrons. We walked to the horse barns to get some barn exteriors as well as couples sitting on benches watching the fair from a distance. Around 6 we made the hike up Mount Pleasant, the hike was quite pleasant in itself. Once on top of the hill, we had aerial advantage and a beautiful orange light on much of the Lancaster valley, in which the fair sat. We were able to get a lot of content on the shoot, I’m just hesitant on how much I foresee the project actually using. All was shot on tripod, there was panning and tilting, but we were unable to continue the visual theme of the dolly moves we have been shooting. We wrapped the shoot drove back to CCAD to drop footage and pack away equipment.

October 10th,

Was a very important day for this class in my opinion. I lead a discussion for the first 30 minutes of class that focused on roles and commitment for the students in the class. Explaining what they are responsible for and, in the end, what they will be graded on. After that was clear for everyone I moved on to revisiting and explain the pipeline of workflow. Much of the clogging of this workflow comes from the editor not getting the dailies cut down in a timely manner. Our sound designer has made great progress and will soon have the track we will start editing to. Once this happens the animators will be able to start working their animations to he exact timing of the piece. While using dynamic linking, so towards the end if we do need to make adjustments to the animations it will be much quicker to do so. After the discussion animators, editor and cine crew all split up and started working on the group goals laid out in the talk. The cine crew went through the drone footage while Vincent and Jonathan practiced and furthered their knowledge with the RED camera. Editors worked on dailies, file sharing and the score while animators worked on the incentives piece. Above all these days are important for the class and the project.


Lynns Farm & Indianola Ave.

Monday Morning we meet at Kinney hall for our 6am crew call time to shoot Lynns fruit farm. We arrived to location the same time the morning sun did, which gave us about 40 minutes of a beautifully bright orange light casted on everythig the eye, and camera, could see.  We made good use of the time, knocking out multiple still shots upon a mound on the farm and dolly pushes along the road side.


It was a tiring shoot but worth while never the less. At Lynns’s farm we got dolly shots of apple orchards, farm barns in backgrounds, and a fantastic morning mist. It keeps moral high when it is self-evident what we are doing, and shooting is indeed worth the time we have put into it.


On Wednesday, we had an extremely short shoot day because of technical difficulties. We left location and meet back up in the studio at CCAD, for much needed  class deliberation. On upcoming shoot dates and doing things correctly while out on the field and in the per-production for these location shoots. But we still were able to record a couple of shots of studio 35 and surround buildings on Indianola ave. Beyound the problems, a lot of learning happend this day. We had Phil Garrett on set for the entire duration of this shoot. Which created an active dialogue on set and a educated critque after the move back to the studio.IMG_2069.JPG


Seasons Changing

This Wednesday the 28th was our first change of shooting location because of weather. We had Wahalla road set to be shot that morning but the extreme overcast had a different plan than us. The overcast was a bummer because we wouldn’t be able to get the strong light coming through the trees on Wahalla. But also the overcast worked out the best it could have. Clearly living in Ohio I know I’ll see many more gray days on the way to winter. But this gray day gave us the opportunity to shoot some of the, ran down, dilapidated factories along the river while maintaining their great grayish tonality in the sky as well.



This Friday we will have two small crews shooting at two different times of day. One crew will be shooting in shooting various parts of Long Street and Board Street in the morning. Also there will be a second crew in the evening shooting high street, Goodale Park and the Columbus commons.



Looking ahead for the next week; on Monday we will be shooting Lynn farm with a Simi- full crew. It will be a 6am crew call and it should be extremely nice day, figures crossed.


Third shooting.


Over the last week a amount of planing got under way on how we will approach post. We are beginning to get sizable footage files so it has become ever more important to decide how we will share files and in which programs we will work. These were important conversations to have at this point in production as we have filming units break apart to start working towards the post edit, animation and color correction while other units are continuing to go out and shoot content. Niko Miller and myself came in on Sunday to put together a rough daily cut of our three past shoots including the Friday morning Gay Street shoot.


There was a ditched shooting day this Saturday because of lack of turn out among crew for the shoot. This was just rescheduled to be shot this up coming Wednesday morning, but it is frustrating when plans are made and fall through because of lack of support. But hopefully with the conversations we had about post and the assignment of cretin jobs to people while create a greater sense of accountability to the entire crew. Whether it be the shooters or the people starting to move into post and audio I think now everyone has a clear idea on what they should be working on form week to week. I’m excited to see how  things progress from here.

First shot.

On Friday 9/16 we rolled on our first shot of our collabortive project.


We meet at Kinney’s Hall back parking lot at 6am Friday morning for our first shoot of the semester. We loaded up multiple cars and headed to the Supreme Court house, to shoot the world’s largest gavel. After shooting this reflective gavel during the sunrise we moved set to the Ohio State house. Once at the State House we shot statues, skyscrapers and the sun rising against the state house itself.


The whole day was a full group effort, from initial set up to final strike and wrapping of the gear. We had many classmates give all the time they had during the small block of time we had to shoot. A dwindling crew often takes away the momentum of the shoot. I am proud to say we were able to keep moral on set high even when crewmembers were leaving the shoot for work.

Artist I’ve been looking at…

Over the summer I started my journey of carving out a web presence for myself. I started with the basics, simple clear page that can show my work. However, as I researched other websites while working on my own, my scope began to grow. Now I have been aiming at a very polished catching website that not only displays my work, but my production journal, social media outlets and hopefully vlog soon to come. This change has a direct relation with what I have been surrounding myself with and looking at as example. Here are some of the websites and artists I have been looking at.Screen Shot 2016-09-13 at 7.17.52 PM.png





These layouts are direct; they show off the work almost immediately without selling anything, obsessively promoting or pricing items. These sites seem to be more about the philosophy of the company’s and artist’s and where there passions lie more so than there finical concern. Clearly the reason they created the site was to self-advertise but it is not the first thing one may think of when looking at the site. For me, it is more important to be genuine about ones work than it being commercially feeble. So in branding myself I wanted to focus on the work I do regardless of assignment.



It has also become very clear to me through out my time at college that my strength is not social networking, or staying up to date on my various social media accounts. But clearly this has become a very important space for self-promotion and networking. Some of my fellow classmates have been fine examples of artist social media pages. Continuously adding new work and in progress updates to their personal pages. As for me I think using my personal page is a fine practice, since I hardly post as it is, a good way to share more work and post more work at the same time is to post my work much more often to personal social media pages. I also think this works well with my hopes of my personal brand, because I want my brand to be simply my identity. My name and who I am will always be attached to my work if the viewer is determined enough, in this common day I might as well provide, be proactive.